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Our Minister: Rev Gyula Fiak (tel 01522 532828)

Welcome to our Church, please have a look at our website and call in and visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Located in the Cathedral Quarter of Lincoln, Bailgate Methodist Church is a traditional church with a variety of weekday activities.  Our main meetings are for worship on Sunday:
Sunday Services:
10:30am  (every Sunday unless otherwise advertised).
6:00pm    (every Sunday  unless otherwise advertised)
The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) is usually celebrated during one morning and one evening service each month. A choir leads the singing on Sunday mornings.
The Sunday School (‘Influence’) meets at 10.30am in the church before leaving for their own groups after the first hymn and a short talk.

The ‘Well’ (coffee lounge) is open every week-day between 10am and 3pm (Fridays until 1pm) at the front of the church on Bailgate. Everyone is welcome to come in for a coffee and a chat. There is also a bookshop.

For more information about our Lincoln Circuit of churches see: (or click here: Lincoln  Methodist Circuit website.)

17th July 2020
Dear Friends,

The subject of change in churches is well explored and documented, and often keenly debated. Nevertheless, when it happens, we can still find it difficult or challenging to manage. According to many, COVID-19 will change both the public-facing church and the worshipping church in ways we are only now beginning to grasp.

Bailgate Methodist Church has already changed a great deal over the past five years or so. Some of those changes are obvious to people who drop into church for the first time in years, as they notice things like the redevelopment of the foyer into The Well (hard to miss, that one), the replacement of pews with comfortable chairs, and the redecoration of the sanctuary. We’ve also refurbished two virtually derelict rooms into usable space, and given them rather grandiose names – The Boardroom, and The Cathedral Room, the latter being used by Safe Families for Children whom we are so proud to support in this way. Prior to the lockdown, we had expanded the rental of our facilities to include a number of community groups, with many of which we have developed good relationships.

But of course our church is so much more than a suite of buildings. In fact, it is people – you – who are the church and make it what it is. Over my six-and-a-half years as your minister, I have been proud, inspired and encourage by working alongside people whose commitment to God and willingness to explore His purpose for them and for the Church have produced much fruit. We have welcomed many new friends into our congregation, some of whom have felt God’s call to commit their lives to Christ and to assume responsibilities which will ensure that they continue to give to Him, through Bailgate, their gifts, skills, time and resources so that His Kingdom may grow here. Remember though, the church is all of us. We can’t all offer the same things, but we can all offer what we have. And that is always enough for God when it is offered sincerely.

There will be another change soon. Your new minister takes up his new role in September as Ruth, Theo and I leave for pastures new. Revd. Gyula Fiak will add to the richness of our church family with new perspectives and his own particular gifts and graces. We will be praying for you all. All this positive change is a tribute, not primarily to people, but to the God who inspires us.

Normally a message such as this would begin with some words of welcome. But I will conclude this message by saying this: if you have visited this website considering joining us, or simply being curious about us, you will now have an idea what is important to us. If you have stumbled on it by accident – are you sure it was an accident? However you have reached this page, you are welcome, and you will always be welcomed at this community of God’s people. Perhaps God has some wonderful changes in store for you!

In Christ, Andy


Please note that even though we aren’t meeting as a congregation in church, our worship services are streamed on-line via YouTube. To access them go to the ‘Sermon Recordings’ page and click or tap on the appropriate service (make sure you go ‘full screen’ by clicking or tapping on the small square icon at the bottom right corner). Alternatively, click on the YouTube website ( and type ‘bailgate methodist church’ or ‘bailgate church’ into the Search Box. You will see images of the videos available  and you then just tap on the appropriate one and it should start. Note: from August 9th to August 30th we will not be recording worship services.

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