We have always been concerned with making Bailgate more accessible to those who have difficulty, and we hope that our regulars and visitors alike find us a user-friendly church.

Although the main doors have a set of steps to get up to them, just around the corner we have a ramp. This leads into the side door, and from there you enter church in the usual way. At the rear of the pews, in the centre, there are bays for wheelchair users. This is within the pews and has a pew next to it for friends/relatives to sit with you.

If you are attending a communion service, and are unable to kneel comfortably, then please remain standing at the rail, if you feel unable to make it to the communion rail, please speak to a communion steward as they guide people to the rail, and the minister will gladly deliver communion to where you are seated.

After the service, by proceeding along the right hand side, you will find another ramp with bannister to assist you. The rear hallway has an access toilet installed which meets the latest regulations, it also has a baby changing table.  There is also a toilet near the vestibule as you enter the church from the street.

There are ramps by all the rear doors to the church, and we also have one disabled only car parking space in the car park. This is right next to the door.

If you would like to see more of the facilities before attending a service or event, please contact us, we will do our very best to address any concerns or enquiries.