For Worship Services see separate page

Afternoon Teas In Lounge will restart in spring 2019
Saturdays 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Lunchtime Organ Recitals – First Thursdays 12noon (to begin again on Thursday March 7th)

The 2018 Programme was:

July 5th                     Simon Clarke from Lincoln
August 2nd            David Oldfield from Surrey
September 6th    Ashley Thompson from London
October 4th           Adam Parrish from York
November 1st       John Sharples from Surrey


Church Prayer Meeting in church prayer room
Wednesday 28th  November 7.45AM
Wednesday 5th December 7.45AM
Wednesday 12th December 7.45AM

Open Prayer Meeting for Persecuted Church (Barnabas Fund) second Tuesday of each month

Tuesday 1st December 10.00 – 11.15 AM
Tuesday 8th January 10.00 – 11.15 AM
Tuesday 12th February 10.00 – 11.15 AM

CHRISTIANITY EXPLORED 6 week course – to better understand the Christian faith

Tuesdays at 7pm  in the Well starting with pudding and coffee. Each session runs for 1½ hours. There is a DVD presentation and time for group discussion
Session 1: Good News 8th January 2019
Session 2: Who is Jesus?15th January 2019
Session 3: Why did Jesus come? 22nd January 2019
Session 4: Why did Jesus die? 29th January 2019
Session 5: Why did Jesus rise? 5th February 2019
Session 6: How can God accept us? 12th February 2019
Session 7: What does it mean to follow Jesus? 19th February 

FREEDOM IN CHRIST 13 week course – last one completed May 2018
Tuesdays at 7pm  in the Well. Each session runs for 2 hours. There is a DVD presentation and time for group discussion
Next course will be announced in due course

‘Shake Up’ – for children and young people
Certain Sundays at 10.15am as advertised

Sunday School (Influence:- Mini Movers 0-6 years, Mountain Movers 7-11 years, and Bailgate Youth) every Sunday 10.30am

Sunday School Porch Display of Zaccheus looking for Jesus

Sunday School Porch Display of Psalm 23 – The Lord’s my Shepherd

Sunday School Porch Display of The Last Supper

Sunday School Porch Display of Joseph and his brothers

Sunday School Harvest Porch Display

Sunday School Noah’s Ark Porch Display

Sunday School drama in morning worship April 2017


Sunday School Easter Garden Display

Sunday School Palm Sunday Display

Sunday School Nativity December 2017