Vision Fund

The Vision Fund and History of The Well

The leadership of our church has recognized the need for action to halt decline. We acknowledge and rejoice in some areas of growth, for instance in Sunday School work, housegroup membership, and the outreach of our Community BBQs. However, we are an increasingly elderly population and our membership falls each year. We may have reached the stage where we have one last opportunity to reverse the trend and welcome new members.

It was felt that an important step is to engage more with the community by taking advantage of the tremendous asset we have in having our doors on the pavement of a popular area with high footfall. Having seen the benefit of replacing our fortress-like doors with glass and we went on to build on this advantage to welcome members of the community into an attractive, non-threatening, multi-purpose foyer.

After five years hard work by the whole church and having raised the total cost of £85,000, we have finally realised our vision for an attractive, welcoming front of church with excellent facilities for connecting with the community. A vote by members of the congregation resulted in the selection of ‘The Well’ for the name of the new foyer. The official opening of The Well by our Superintendent Minister, Alan Swann, took place on Saturday 8th October 2016. Members, craftsmen and others who worked on the project, and corporate donors were all invited and a celebration cake was cut and shared. Photos can be seen on our Diary page.

The name, ‘The Well’, seems very appropriate because in Jesus’ day, the well was a place for people to gather and meet as they collected refreshing water. Our hope is that the local community will see The Well as  a safe space to meet and chat, bring their needs, and learn about our faith. Furthermore, we have evidence of both a Roman and medieval well on our site.  A drop of water was selected for our logo:


The new foyer alone will not be of benefit unless we make full use of the opportunities it brings. To this end volunteers have been trained to man the foyer during the week, and members of the community will be invited to come in for a coffee and a chat. There will be a bookstall and play area for young children. We hope to have occasional services in the foyer, apart from our regular Sunday worship, and courses explaining the Christian faith such as ‘Christianity Explored’. A Community Breakfast is planned for Saturday 15th October.

We hope the vision is shared by all our members and that they will continue to give prayerful support and consider how else we might serve the local community through this new facility.