Toddler Group

Our Toddler group meets every Monday during term time from 1.00 -2.30pm in the Church hall.

We usually all gather together at around 1.30pm for a short story and song time whilst the children have a drink and a biscuit. The children then continue their play and an activity related to the story is out for them to enjoy if they wish, whilst the parents and carers enjoy a cup of tea, biscuit and chat!

We have various different toys such as ride on vehicles. a small indoor climbing frame with slide, a mini trampoline, a playhouse, baby toys and play-doh.

The cost is 80 pence per adult and children (+ 20p  per other visiting adult) which includes a drink and biscuit for the children and adults.

Come along and join us – a great place to meet up with other parents and carers for a chat whilst your children have lots of fun!